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The Best Local Physical Therapy is Here at South Florida Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc.

South Florida Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc. has been serving the South Florida community since 1994 and is a quality oriented private Outpatient Rehabilitation facility with offices in Miami, Florida. With so many factors that contribute to issues of pain and weakness within the body, it is important to get a therapy plan that is tailored to your specific therapy needs That is one of the things that separates South Florida Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc. in Miami, FL from everyone else. Our local physical therapy providers offer an individualized approach that puts you in control and that focuses on your unique wants, needs, and limitations. We are committed to helping each one of our patients achieve their highest functional potential, by providing the finest physical, occupational, and speech therapy available. No matter what kind of assistance you need, the local physical therapy experts here can help you get back to living your life on your terms. Our facility is well equipped and our team of professionals is experienced, friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to you so call now to begin!