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What Exactly is LSVT Therapy and How Does it Help Someone With Parkinson’s?

LSVT is an intensive, effective, personalized treatment and therapy plan that was created in order to help people with Parkinson's disease as well as other neurological conditions. The goal of LSVT Therapy is to help these individuals address issues that they may have with walking, balance and other activities of daily living. Larger gross motor skills such as walking, eating, speaking, and mobility are addressed as well as finer motor skills such as those involved with writing, dressing and even job-related tasks. It is an intense and individualized approach to treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s so patients can get and maintain as much freedom and mobility as they can for as long as they can. If you are interested in our LSVT Therapy and other Parkinson’s treatment options give us a call today- we would love to talk with you more about the options that are available to you!