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Neurological Therapy In Kendall

Quality Neurological Therapy in Kendall Available at South Florida Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc.

When a neurological injury has occurred or damage to the brain has been sustained there can be a wide range of side effects that stem from that. Balance, mobility, pain levels, weakness, speech, and many other things can be thrown off kilter after any sort of brain injury. Undergoing physical, occupational, speech, and neurological therapy in Kendall helps restore these lost functions so that the patient can regain as much of their normal life back as possible so they can be a part of life once again. Rehabilitation focuses on making the patient functional, this means teaching the patient to walk, get in and out of bed, feed, dress themselves, and address any speech impairment incorporating in the treatment the use of the weakened side of the body. To find out more about the quality neurological therapy in Kendall that is available at South Florida Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc  contact us today- we are her to help!