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Balance Therapy: Services


Stand Confidently

There are many factors that influence balance, the way we perceive ourselves in space, vision, strength or lack thereof, alignment, sensory perception, vestibular input, and others.

If your physician has diagnosed you with balance impairment and you are coming to us for therapy, on your first visit, we perform an in-depth evaluation to determine which factors are affecting your balance and plan a course of action.

Our therapists at South Florida Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc. are trained to address all aspects affecting your balance providing vestibular treatment, strengthening/balance exercises, perceptual activities, sensory stimulation, as needed. And make appropriate recommendations for you to follow.


Outstanding professional and personal care that is totally focused on making each patient achieve his or her potential success in getting better. Having worked with a number of Physical Therapists, Fulvia is by far the best!

James M. Lomonosoff


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