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We Come To You

The benefits of Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy in the recovery process, cannot be overstated, If you for any reason, prefer a therapist to come to your home to receive these treatments at a convenient time for you, or if you have mobility difficulties, transportation issues, or are concerned about being exposed to others during this COVID-19 pandemic, We offer a safe solution.

Our therapists are safety conscious and wear masks at all times, wash their hands before and after treatment and clean all equipment after each use.  

Our therapists are highly skilled in their specialties and maintain an up-to-date level of competency. 

We provide excellent therapy in the home setting and provide you with instructions on how to perform all exercises and activities in your own home to maintain and enhance what you learn in therapy. It is a win/win approach!!

With our expertise, we are proud to assist and guide all of our clients to achieve their goals and improve  their quality of life.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 305-412-9099 or click on the LEARN MORE button below. If you are ready to request an appointment please click here to go to our appointment page.


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