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Brain injury and Concussion Therapy: Services
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We Show You The Way

Life after a serious brain injury can be dramatically different. However, many patients make remarkable progress with the right care, some even returning to 100% of their pre-accident activities. South Florida Rehabilitation, Inc. is here to walk with you on your road to recovery.


We provide a multidisciplinary therapy approach to brain injury and concussion for patients of all ages.


Our staff provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy to help you reach your recovery goals. Schedule an appointment at our outpatient facility today to get started with an in-depth evaluation.


After your evaluation, our experienced therapists will create an interdisciplinary treatment plan to address all your areas of concern. Since we offer a myriad of therapeutic approaches, we’re well-equipped to deliver custom care and adjust to your needs as they change.


We follow our patients through each step in their recovery, all under the roof of our convenient outpatient facility. Whether you need to work with a speech therapist after a stroke or learn new mobility skills after a car accident, we have the certified staff members and resources you need to make progress. Our team looks forward to working with you to tackle your deficits and recover from your injury.


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