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Shrug Off Pain For Good

There are many causes of shoulder pain.

Pain may happen as a result of a neurological condition, such as a stroke, where pain can be caused by lack of strength in the muscle and joint separation causing a subluxation, or it could be due to increased spasticity. It can be as a result of nerve impingement or a capsular impingement.

Pain can be of an orthopedic nature, such as a rotator cuff injury, a ligamentous injury; it can also be a result of arthritis and joint inflammation.

We have expert therapists at South Florida Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc. who can determine the root cause for the pain.  Our physical and occupational therapists are highly trained in the treatment of all conditions of the shoulder resulting in the best outcome possible.

Our Physical and Occupational therapists have extensive experience in the treatment of shoulder pain and post-surgical Rehabilitation of joint replacements and repairs.


South Florida Rehabilitation Consultants keeps up to date on the newest surgical procedures and rehabilitation for these joints. We utilize pain-reducing modalities and myofascial release techniques coupled with strengthening programs to obtain excellent results in recovery.


Our patients usually make a full recovery and are able to engage in activities they have been wanting to do but were unable to perform prior to surgery.


We know we can help you achieve your full potential.

Outstanding professional and personal care that is totally focused on making each patient achieve his or her potential success in getting better. Having worked with a number of Physical Therapists, Fulvia is by far the best!

James M. Lomonosoff


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